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Meet the Team in TeamFORGE

Below you will find the valiant riders who will be subjecting themselves to the four day challenge.

Some have their personal stories as to why they are doing the challenge. Some are veterans from 2015.

All are raising funds for a valuable cause. Links to the Just Giving pages are included in each riders bio.

David Fryer

My Story: I got roped into TeamFORGE for the 2015 Isle of Wight Challenge without really understanding how important Rennie Grove is to the community it serves. Since then I've got to know some of its people and the amazing work it does. Only a small fraction of its work is government funded (scandalous!) so it's vital that we keep on raising funds or we risk losing the support it gives to so many people at a time they need it most. Rennie Grove, baby!!


Just Giving
Shelly Spyrides

My Story: I am very excited to be sponsoring the challenge as well as taking part in the ride. All for such a great cause. 


Tim Taylor

My Story: Having personally experienced the support offered by Rennie Grove for end of life care, I just need and want to help them to continue offering such an admirable and much needed service.

Just Giving
Chris Bantock

My Story: I rode in the 2015 Isle of Wight Challenge. It was such a great experience and raised so much valuable funds for a wonderful charity delivering such an important service that just had to do it again - bigger and better. 


Steve Walker

My Story: It is important to me that I can trust the charity I support. There are a lot of good causes out there but I am concerned that funds that I donate are not always used as wisely as they could be. Rennie Grove has earned and kept my trust and support over the years. It is a fabulous organisation I am proud to help.

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David Clarke

My Story: None of us know when we might need a hospice but we all know people who have and what an important role the hospice played in their final days. This is such an important cause to me and I have been involved in many events over the last 10 years to support this wonderful facility and this amazing group of people. It's a real pleasure to be involved in this ride which continues to provide essential funding so that people with life limiting illnesses or requiring end-of-life care can do so in comfort and around their own families.

Just Giving
Bevan Clark

My Story: In August 2019, I lost my closest friend Steve to Cancer. During his journey from diagnosis till the very end he was cared for and supported by Rennie Grove Hospice Care. The home care he received in his final days was so incredibly important to Steve and his family, it meant they could all be together in their family home during this extremely difficult time. In 2020, I decided to raise some awareness and money for Rennie Grove by carrying out a cycling event dubbed "Bevs Big Charity Ride". I decided to ride from Land's End to John O'Groats. I was introduced to TeamFORGE six months after Steve's passing. The immediate support I received from the team was invaluable in the event preparation, training prep and even during the ride. I'm proud to say that we completed the challenge in honour of my friend Steve in 9 days and also in the process raised Β£27,500. Thank you Rennie Grove, your efforts will not be forgotten.

Just Giving
David Goodchild

My Story: A number of friends and their families have been greatly supported by Rennie Grove in recent years and so I am delighted to have been invited to join Team Forge. A great opportunity to raise funds to ensure Rennie Grove can continue providing their support whilst at the same time enjoying the camaraderie of fellow cyclists...

Just Giving
Martyn Horne

My Story: Rennie Grove provided fantastic care to my mum in the last few weeks of her life. The care provided by the Rennie Grove staff was exemplary and was greatly appreciated by my family. The ride will provide Rennie Grove with some much-needed funding to continue its great work.

Just Giving
Charles Inchbald

My Story: I am riding to support Chris (Bantock) as I know he plays an active part in TeamForge and raising money for Rennie Grove and we have ridden most of our big rides together since we got into riding 7 years ago

Just Giving
Andrew Williamson

Rennie Grove makes an incredible difference to families at their time of need, offering invaluable support and relief. Many of us in St Albans will know families who have benefitted directly from the support that Rennie Grove provides at people's time of need. I am hoping that over the coming months, we will be able to raise a significant sum to support this work.

Just Giving
Stefano Lobban

My Story: My father passed away with cancer almost 5 years ago and was looked after at home by the wonderful nurses at Rennie Grove. The care they provided enabled him to spend his last months at home rather than in hospital and he died peacefully surrounded by his loved ones which was exactly what he wanted. They supported our family through an incredibly difficult time and we remain indebted to them. I am raising money to help support Rennie Grove and the invaluable work they do.

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Steve Holford

My Story:Rennie Grove are there at the toughest of times, supporting families and bringing comfort when it is needed most.

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Neil Yapp

My Story: Looking forward to the ride and seeing everybody after a tough year (and a bit!) The money we raise is vital to support Rennie Grove and enable them to provide the fantastic work they do in our community.

Just Giving
Will Rayden

My Story: I am doing the ride as a challenge to see if I can do a longer ride - ie LEJOG in the future and to support Rennie Grove who have provided great care to an acquaintance and their family in 2019.

Alasdair McMillin

Another veteran of 2015

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Lawrence Levy

Yet another veteran of 2015

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Brian Robson

Another veteran of 2015

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Paul Rosenthal

Veteran of 2015.

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Mark Bunting

Veteran of 2015.

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David Taylor
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Francesca Bunting
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Richard Derrick
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Neil Green
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Andrew Mendoza
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Nick Duggan
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Tony Colbourne
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Trevor Binyon
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Keith Lunn
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Mark Norcliffe

It is about trying to do some good in these difficult times. Knowing some of the guys and some of their previous efforts in helping Rennie Grove and the great work they do, I would like to help.

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Guy Upward

I have been a Rennie Grove volunteer and Trustee for 4 years now. I am in awe of the work of the charity and in huge admiration of the fantastic staff and especially the nurses who care for those helped by Rennie Grove. Hopefully this ride will help to raise some much needed funds!

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